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The Process

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Step 1
Using the latest Ontario Guidelines
  • First time home buyers
  • Interest Rate Stress Test
  • Mortgage Affordability
  • Rental Income
Step 2
Data-driven pricing strategy
  • Identifying key comparables to help come to a strategic price
  • Disclosing risks and benefits of specific properties
Step 3
Wrapping things up
  • Selecting the appropriate clauses
  • Connecting you with lenders, lawyers, and home inspectors
Behind the Scenes

About Me

Real Estate Agent | Right at Home Realty

Shafquat Arefeen has been analyzing real estate data and market trends for years. What started out as a little hobby of looking at sold listing data, led to a life path as a real estate agent, with some hiccups along the way.

His Real Estate analysis has landed him in major publications including the Metro newspaper and Global News.

Shafquat has been working with all kinds of data for over a decade. His experience includes complex financial instruments, city permits and land parcel data, and currently he’s a Senior Analyst at Shopify working in Growth & Marketing.

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